Went out for a short trip to a drug store yesterday, proudly Davao has the most efficient traffic system in the country, no wonder why every major intersections here you have to pull-up and be an obedient citizen or you’ll end up queuing at LTO, which is my most hated part of this traffic system.

Right in front me as you can see is this woman bringing along her child peeping for some alms, call it making a living by soliciting (I think this word is not as painful and so politically laden than begging), after being ignored at the first car, she went next to my window, O glad my window is tinted or else she would see me eating burger which I had snatched from my son before I drove away. The girl was crying, the mom in me was struck by my conscience so I lowered my window and hand in to her my burger, she immediately left and move to the next car while it has not turned green yet.

Authorities would often tell us not to give money/alms to these street beggars so in effect they won’t flocked the streets, but I wonder why they are still on the streets. Your answer is as good as mine,  or maybe because I'm a disobedient citizen that keeps using my bleeding heart handing them my bitten burger. If I were this mom seeing my child crying because of hunger, I wouldn’t hesitate to risk my life knocking on these snobbish car windows till it break to ask something to feed my child.

There can be so much concerns to be talked about regarding this situation, this sick situation in practically all cities in our country, but sometimes it just pains you more, a discourse in our society where you don’t know who to blame anymore.

I wonder how long that burger will last to give them strength to beg again. Sigh!


  1. There are many cases similar to this in our place and for me its delicate because sometimes they are running so quickly especially the children without noticing vehicles are coming.

  2. Kawawa naman yan,specially the child, hays...grabeh...

  3. The mother looks so young Ateh Vernz, sa Bangladesh madaming ganyan...parang Pinas


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