Geez, I’m really having a bad hair day as in falling hair days these past few days, it really upsets me seeing the floor with lots of loose hairs scattered all over.

Been trying lots of haircare products already, this time, I’m thinking of using Goldwell products, some reviews around suggest that their shampoo and conditioner is a good remedy for falling hair. Well, it should try to find out.

Meantime, I need to use my traditional coco treatment while waiting for my order to come.

Tata, thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. If your hair loss is not a good sign for us, so me and my family i wish good health to you and your loved ones know!
    Regards with reverence!

  2. hehehe pareho tah Vernz, ako anak mag bagutbot sa ako mga hairfall hahaha

  3. agoy mau na te kay motubo mana balik...sos dire woi g kaspa man jud ko dire pag ting winter na...kaspahon ko...nyahahhaa!...nya manliki pa akong lips...naunsa!

  4. haven't hear about Goldwell ate..


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