The what if …

If you’re familiar with the social atmosphere of Davao, you probably have heard about DDS or the imaginary Davao Death Squad, these were the alleged vigilantes or the motorcycle riding gun-men that moved around the city slaughtering the so-called ‘sagbot sa katilingban’ – literally translated –‘the weeds of society’.

Our authorities here strongly denied these allegations though, but one thing is certain - there are countless unsolved killings in this city involving ‘bad guys’, some conformists would say- a violation of human rights, but some would say ‘merese kay adik’.

Anyway, drawing from this premise, what if one day you’re being chased by a motorcycle riding gun-man.

What will you do?

Will you raise your hand and do the sign of the cross so Jesus would forgive you and accept your soul to heaven in case you’ll be bulleted to death?or

Will you take your camera and swiftly take opportunity of the moment before you finally stream your precious blood on the highway?

One could tell I picked out the latter.

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  1. katakot naman yan, sis...

    can i do both if i'm in the situation?

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  2. kuyaw pod ka te...picturan daan ang suspect para naa ibidinsya...ehehehe....kahadlok ba lamang.

  3. katakot naman, kadaghan baya sa mga tapulan uy mao mang hold up nlng

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  4. What will I do... Mmmmh... I guess I'll stop very suddently, even if that mean to create a car crash, hoping to kill the motorcycle riding gun-man in the incident created...

    But I guess I won't have to try such extremity : my car is soooo old... Can't interest anyone.

  5. Kakuyaw ba diay diha sis.I am not sure what would I do. Anyway, love that reflection shot.

    Have a great Sunday.

  6. ang akoa lang ba ana kana bang maalaan sus pagkadakong di malas girl wahhh

  7. a way, sana lang un "mga tinitira" nila e totoong mga "bad" tlg...hahaha, tlgang sinangayunan ko pa hanu...dami na kasing "mga bad" tlg e, tlg mga yan, hehe


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