Hello World! Happy Valentine's Day.. nothing fancy on this side of town. For a change, I'm having a blue Valentine ... lol.

I can't miss a link at Smiling Sally. So I'm sharing my blue today.

I took this sometime ago, just thought of sharing.

These giant shells are on display at Jack's Ridge Restaurant at shrine Hills this city, they were able to unearth this in the process of constructing the resto building ... it was believed that this part of the Earth was under water millions of years ago.

Here's what I have to deal with after my kids had read the stone slab.

Mom, ‘where have all the waters gone?’
Did Little Foot and the gang grow that fast, that they have slurped all the waters that receded that far?

I wonder too  if dinosaurs had wandered on this part of the world... lol.

Unbelievable as it may seem the land you are standing on was under the sea millions of years ago. These Taklobo shells right here at Jack’s Ridge are silent witness to Davao’s watery past.

a view of Davao City's CBD from where the shells are.

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  1. Very nice place! ...and your music too! I love it!
    Happy Valentines to you Vernz!

  2. Sorry Vernz for wrongly commenting on music. he he..

  3. Bitaw sad noh maka wonder bah, sa ato pa jud ang davao dagat tung una?

  4. NIce! Kanus a pa kaha ko kabalik ug Davao. Once in a lifetime ra gyud tingale to way back 2003 :-)

  5. That was a great Blue Monday post. Cool heart and the story behind the shells was very interesting.

  6. love the heart sis!
    Happy Blue valentines day!
    Here’s mine..

  7. Very nice place. Happy Valentine and Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Lovely photos and interesting thoughts.
    Happy Valentines Day and Blue Monday.

  9. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Vernz.

  10. Very nice place and thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Say!!!!!

  11. I love that Clam ate, so pretty! Happy valentine's day.

  12. hehehe...ka cute sa imong mga anak....:) nice kau inyong place te....:)

    lili ko dire kadali...happy valentine's day!

  13. hope to get there karong weekend mommy vernz! will be in davao this 18th to 21st! hope to see you there. laag ko diri from TBE!

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    Hands Full of Life
    Pink Memoirs

  14. Ive read that planet earth was once a vast space filled with water but that's a theory. All I know is that God created the earth. :-)

  15. labay lang pod ko dire kadali te...musta ang inyong VD celebration....:) murag busy galing si ma'am da...ehehehe!


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