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When I started blogging I really never cared about the idea of getting a search engine optimization company or learn skills related to this to improve my blog's ranking, what I have in my mind was to share and empty it through this electronic pages and that's it, in fact, at first I really never cared whether someone is reading it or not.

But through time, when I get the handle of it and reaping the benefits of my day to day clicking, typing and all, I get to think about, 'so what I'm gonna do next?' Realizing that blogging present me more than self-gratification I began to at least build on some skills to get by. So, I learned how change template, how to add widgets, and eventually, how I'm gonna increase website traffic.

So now I employ my very limited blogging skill, that's when I started using advertising platforms, but then I realized advertising is not just enough, you get to optimize your blog, some call it ’organic search engine optimization’ to be on first string when someone searches on things related to your blog. In effect traffic to your website is natural or the so-called 'traffic from organic searches.'

To do this, you can contract a search engine optimization company or if you have an organic knack on how to do this then it's your lucky day. Oh, by the way, this skill in this industry is as essential as the air humans breathe.

I've been in this blogging art for more than a year already, but sad to say my skills are not yet at par as those who just eat peanuts doing this. Geez, an art, a skill I needed to build on more.

Tata, need to work on this art more.

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  1. aw! korek ka dyan te.. pareho jud ta ani mag work ana nga! agi pud ko diri te.. mwah!


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