I kept grinning seeing this photo. I realized how terrible I looked in this garb. Pardon my mendacious act but I just snatched this without permission from a friend’s FB page. Hehehe. (Sorry Clint)

I’m actually some kind of courageous when it comes to fashion statement back in college - black polka dots top with a harmonizing solid black shorts, wahhhhhh! I actually didn’t think of Rajo Laurel back then, he didn’t exist yet and suppose he does he could have killed me. You lousy schoolgirl.
I’m actually some kinda socially involved back in college, as in cleaning the whole town, lol. This was during a Junior Jaycee community project - roaming around town picking someone else’s butt. If you want to know the truth, that’s how my extra-curricular activity was spent back then.

The other guys on this photo have settled for good too, I’m not so sure where exactly, but I’m certain we’re seeing the same sun and stayed on the same planet.

Anyway, thanks Rose for always giving me reason to update this blog. Join us again next Thursday for another round of Nostalgic Marveling. Click the badge above to join.


  1. Love doing volunteer work way back sa Pinas,dito rin we clean once a month as community bonding.
    Neneng-nene ka pa dyan,sistah Vernz^_^

  2. nyahahaha...kantahan ta na lang ka Vernz..."kung maibabalik ko lang...ang dati kong kaseksihan...paka-iingatan aalagaannnnnnn...hahahaha. agi ko oi hehehe

  3. witwew! ka sexy oi! ako daw ni ipadako ang picture nimo te be arun maklaro jud nako ang imong kaanyag..nyehehe!

  4. Such a great memories right? Happy Nostalgia.

    Mine is here

  5. yay! hehehe...parang okey naman ang fashion sense mo least during that time..

    heres mine vernz..

  6. Kabuotan jud nimo mami vhernz oi, hehehe. Sus ako ambot wala jud org na gi atenan hahaha

  7. Well, you still look good though. At least your paired your polka dotted shirt with solid black. hehehehehehe.. :)

    Adin B

  8. Pagkabinoot ug gwafa diha hehehe.. Actually like ko yung outfit mo hahahaha.

    Daan lang ako sandali, am so exhausted weeee. Thanks for the greetings to hubby's birthday!!

  9. wow! and seksi mo naman vernz. hehehe...happy nostalgia!!

  10. It's really great and noble activity!
    Vernz, I think you looked so good :)

    Thanks for dropping by...have a great day...

  11. Ok lang naman suot mo ha, sexy ka at nakaka-envy yung skin mo coz you're so white :)

    My Nostalgia

  12. Sexy Ate Vernz ah, legs pa lang pamatay na hehe.

  13. ahhaha...lousy school girl man, actually you look great teVernz....:) ka sexy jud nimo...ehheeh!

    sensya na te, karon lang nakalungsog...ehhehehe...busy ang yaya life eh...hope all is well.


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