As I write, I’m teary-eyed watching this three Filipina ladies  in Japan being interviewed by Pia Arcanghel over ‘Balitanghali’-GMA News TV, my heart really melt seeing them caught in the middle of this nuclear radiation dilemma, although they look alright, the anxiety that they are feeling really jolt me out, can’t do anything but beg for their safety. Glad this GMA news team mediates to rescue them.

Anyway, this post is not actually about these radiation-torn ladies, but about my nostalgia post hosted by Rose of Nostalgic Marveling, its quiet hard to shift subject with a heavy heart…. But nonetheless those who are not directly (as of today) affected by this nuclear threat have to go on with their lives.
Come what may, even with the threat of radiation exposure, lol, (trusting Philippine nuclear authorities, we're safe) we have to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. This photo was one of our wedding invitations back then, I can’t believe we have invited 300 people during our wedding, some of those actually I don’t know, they were my in-laws friends and relatives.
Had I been wed today, I would certainly decide for a three-person wedding ceremony, that’s me, my husband and the officiating officer. But  I wonder why this marriage ceremony is one of the celebrated rituals of human society, sorry about my feminist thinking, but to me marriage is just a piece of paper, the very spirit of this union is actually how each party reciprocate respect and value each one’s opinion and in the cases where you have kids, mutual responsibility to raise these children and not a burden to keep a marriage in one piece even if it hurts the other.


  1. Very true, but marriage needs the paper evidence also to show how we deep we are in our union and we are not just bahay-bahayan lang. It needs to be realistic and that deep bondage that we and our husbands are one, physically, mentally, spiriutally---no matter what happens.

  2. 300 peeps! wow, daming expenses nun ha:) iba tlg kasalan s probinsya db halos lahat ng kamag anak at kabayan e imbitado. nice, mam vernz:)

  3. It is true but we promise till death do us part heheh. Thanks for stopping by...

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! :)

    The paper, well, it is very much of a written promise.. just like the bible, to keep what may be forgotten at times of trials or hurdles in life..


    Thanks for dropping by and certainly nice meeting you on this nostalgic thursday.. *HUG*

  5. hehe abi nako naa kay na experienced na earthquake nga grabe kay mao may imo introduction nyahahaha...

    Bonggalicious man diay imo wedding Vernz kay 300 ka tao? daghana oi...

    ako diay uncle, wala abti ug tubig ila balay pero nahugno daw ang tumoy sa apartment tungod sa lindol...naa didto sa japan iya SIL, pero muabutay diri karon nga week.

  6. Grabe kadaghang bisita oiiii.. Naalala ko tuloy sinabi ni John when we had our wedding.. Bakit daw dyan sa tin once y invited somebody, they will bring along with them somebody that they know. Sabi nya "Don't they consider the feeling of the people who invited them?" lol.. Totoo nga naman kasi may bitbit na iba ang invited natin lol.

    Happy wedding anniversary to both of you ate!

  7. Korek mommy thats the true meaning of marriage.

    thanks for dropping by at my entry.

  8. Heheh hay madame Vernz yan din iniisip ko ngayon kaya siguro marriage ko hanggang papel nlng parang magulang sa elope hehehe. naka jeans lng parang kumain ng batchoy kasal na pala heheeh.

    Happy 12th wedding anniversary

    Nostalgic Moment

  9. Happy Anniversary! On our wedding day we only invited those people that are dear and really close to us. :) To me, I don't really feel the need to invite other people that we really don't know. hehehe... :) Here in America, it is different since mostly you only get to invite your family and close friends, but in the Philippines my goodness buong baryo ang aattend. hehehe.. :) My heart goes to the people in Japan.

    Adin B

  10. Happy Wedding Anniversary Ate Vernz and to your hubby doves, pacanton ka naman jan! Bongga kasal mo Ate invited ata buong barangay hehe...

  11. Hehehe! I could understand what you mean. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you. When Rodney and I got married, there was me, him and my son Dan with and the judge who married us. That's it. simple but official.

  12. ayay! belated te...way to go...congrats, 12 years of blissful marriage....:)


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