TUM: My pledge of Love and a date with Mommy Kat

It was just a spur of the moment late night text to Mommy Kat of Mom’s Place that ended in an all-girl movie date this afternoon.

We met up at around 1:30 PM at the Gaisano Mall of Davao here; she wanted to watch the movie here since it’s her first time on this mall. We had coffee and Pandan Shake over girls talk while waiting for the 3:00PM screen.

We felt like it was purposely screened just for the two of us, the cinema was clean, no walking heads in front of us…awesome!

Technically, the movie has too many rooms for intensive improvement. Although I love Mariel as a TV personality, it’s different when she’s seen acting on a big screen, she should I think work more on her serious and crying craft. A lot of dragging/dead moments in between scenes this makes some of the scenes weak even if the message was strong.

The fight scenes were not a typical Pinoy slo-mo, I love how it was exposed fast and intense.

They promoted this film as a movie that depicts how love rise above any religion, there’s actually nothing new about this subject, we’ve been crisscrossed with so many stories that depict this subject, and they have reconciled this idea quiet OK, as seen a compromise talk  at a chapel. The second lead Queenie Padilla and Ejay Falcon did a lousy job too, although Queenie managed to deliver her Indian sounding English dialogues quiet well, Ejay still lacks that emotional intensity.

The idea of advancing unity in the face of religious diversity wasn’t really shot bulls eye in the film, because their squabbles were rooted on self-interest, greed and hunger for wealth and power. The film failed to capture this objective.

This film was shot almost entirely in India, for those who has been to this place it a good cinematic tourism, the cinematography was quite good, I love most that scene on top of that marble mountain, that scene was supposed to be intensely romantic but again it failed to exhilarate me right at that moment ‘kulang ng emotion’ Robin could have runned his fingers on Mariel’s arms, face etc. to rouse up emotions of the viewers … grrr… saying yung eksena.

I love how a typical hilarious Bollywood scene, the dancing and all, was integrated on the last part of the film, it actually made me laugh. Made me rather confused how to classify this film.

Tum: My Pledge of Love
Starred Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, Queenie Padilla, Ejay Falcon.
Directed By: Robin Padilla


  1. never mind mommy vernz, kauban man mo ni mommy kat bitaw... you still had fun... hehehe...never been a fan of their team up though. visit ko diri!

  2. Hintaying ko na lang online, hehe. Romantic si Ate Vernz ..tehee

  3. actually i am curious about this film kasi nga daw flop uhmm baka masayang lang din pera ko baka ma flop din aw unsa bah hehehe

  4. nyahahahaa...wa pa ko ka post kay naa pa ko lakawon...lingkod lang ko kadiyot diri pero mulakaw na nako ron...hehehe...bahala kulang "life" ang movie basta kay naka laag hahaha

  5. wow..ngbond na naman ang mga gwapa nga mommies..I heard nga maam Vernz na this is not a nice movie daw..pero i am curious to watch this movie though kasi si robin nag-direct...this will be the first movie na makikita ko directed by him


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