Nothing really much happening on this side of town, it’s quiet a boring day, I’ve been stuck home lately because my eldest son was circumcised and I was nursing a close to adult man in skirts.

I’m joining this week’s shadow shot at Hey Harriet. 

This is just few of my random snaps I’ve unearthed from my archives. I remember we took this at a pharmacy car park here in Davao. The flood light at our back was just so bright and was perfect for a family’s shadow shot.

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  1. Nice shot, enjoy your weekend Ate Vernz!

  2. Really nice! I think the nicest of the shadow shot memes I've seen while blog-hopping. It's cool because it's simple.

  3. I think your shadow shot is super.

    My Sunday's Link:

    In the Shadows of your Mind

    It's always a delight to have you visit with me when you get a chance...Hope your Sunday treats you well.

  4. Cute idea for a shadow shot. I love it!

  5. wow, galing ah! mi apil na sad ko ani Vernz hahaha.

    oi si Janjan nako gusto na pod diay magpa tuli...didto mi adtong Saturday sa clinic..ahak kay sarado man, balik na lang mi ani ugma or kung nus-a sya aresgado, kay kung ako mag buot, mahadluk man. perte pa gani katawa kay di daw ko nya umabon kay basig makit=an daw nako, mag sibuyas daw.. hahaha ingon ko sibuyas? ingon sya kanang mopula daw ug mudako mura ug sibuyas nyahahahaha. sibuyas bombay pula siguro iya hunahuna dili ang kamatis...nyahahaha

  6. nice shadow, well par ka nasa moon :)

  7. Nice picture mommy ha! I haven't tried this yet.

  8. a very nice and unique family portrait!

  9. Cool! Now I want a shadow shot! :)
    Siguro next week I'll join..
    Much Love,
    Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

  10. pagka nice jud ani te...mag apil pod ko ani next time...nyahahhaa...:)

    murag naa galing g baba time te pag naa ka baby boy, tulia ditso mintras baby pa...para d na lisod.

  11. Oh what a nice and creative it


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