Hi guys, been out searching for an alternative school for my Grade 6 this June, we can’t carry out the rocketing tuition fee at ADDU anymore, so we’re doing a realistic move – finding a quality option.

But other than walking under the sunshine, I’m also supervising our little room renovation at the back of my MIL’s house, it’s also a better move, at least to me, to elude from day trolls that sow terror by day, I wonder why I accepted this architect-wannabe task, wish we’re near Chicago, as there is this Chicago remodeling company that would do the job for you, meantime, I think I have to bear with this situation until I’m chock-full and burst.

Anyway, thanks guys for always dropping by on this side of town.


  1. tuition fees are rocketing nowadays, my son will be in grade 6 too this school year. we want the best for our children the reason why we put them into good schools :)

    am your newest follower here, hope you can drop by my blogs too

  2. Wish I were there to help you. I'd love to supervise a remodeling project, and searching for a new school might be fun, too (I can say that because I've never done it, LOL).
    Wishing you all the best with both!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. Precious international school of davao...davao christian..


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