Thank you Kayce!

I got a surprise package today, it’s a card from a darling mom blogger from the city of smiles – Cagayan de Oro .. Thank you Kayce …. Makahilak man sad ta ani oi .. hehehe.. Thank you kaayo Kay.

Kayce is a proud owner of these, I lost count blogs;

I behalf of my kiddos (that includes my husband of course) Happy Mom’s Day too.

To all moms out there … Happy Moms Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Ate Vernz..mwah!

  2. You're welcome ate... hehehe! thanks for posting it... bitaw ate oi.. you're like my mom baya jud... Happy Mother's day and see yah soon! mwah!

  3. I thought CDO is city of gold...ehehehe..:) ka sweet ba kau ni are sweet man jud teVernz pod....:)

  4. happy mom's day.... late na kaayo ako greetings. hehe

  5. That so sweet of you girls. Anyway, I was just surfing the blog in the internet and found yours. Happy mothers day to all(though I am late). :)

  6. wow! that's a lot of blogs.

    anyway, belated happy mothers day to you vernz. hope you had a great one.


  7. That was sweet of you ladies. I really envy your friendship. I am just surfing the Internet and came across yours and thought I might post a comment. :)


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