I’m a hundred and ninety nine pesos poorer today; I spent it to buy Cherokee scrubs for my daughter, Liea. She has been insisting to buy her a pair because she wanted to look like their aunt in scrub going to work.

I call it proximity influence, we’re surrounded by medical pros around here hence her desire to wore one. You might ask why the kid is so persistent, these Medical scrubs issued by the hospital where their aunt is working actually comes in Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh prints, the very reason why she wanted to be a nurse in due time. She hated nurses in whites maybe because her first painful needle experience was administered by ladies in whites. But when asked and approached by ladies in cartoon printed scrubs, she actually doesn’t show any hostile reaction.

Although this is not scientifically proven yet, I would assume that nurses who are into these styles of uniform are less intimidating to children. Resistance comes in less thus patient-nurse relation is very comfortable.

The Hello Kitty scrubs I scored looks so dainty on Liea, the fit was just right, but it’s on the washer right now, I’ll have it modeled once dried and permed.

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  1. Well, there might be some scientific basis for your theory. Our doctor says patients always have higher blood pressure when the doctor does the test than they have when a nurse does it. He says people aren't as afraid of nurses as they are of doctors.
    So I think it's quite likely children really are more comfortable with nurses who wear Winnie the Pooh or Hello Kitty scrubs.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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