I recently have hypothesized some things relating to my daughter and nurses.

You know, I often have this dilemma of bringing my daughter to her Pediatrician, she’s always intimidated and hostile towards nurses in white uniforms, I assume she’s upset seeing ladies in white because her first experience with painful needles was with someone in white.

But lately I was trying to figure out why she’s not unfriendly to nurses anymore, I’ve observed she’s more responsive to nurses in Hello Kitty nursing scrubs uniforms, in fact she ask for a pair and Oh, well, the meek mom in me brought her to the mall and bought a pair of Hello Kitty scrubs too.

With our last visit, I was amazed to see that all of her pedia's secretary, they are just three of them actually, were all dressed in Spongebob scrubs, it’s really nice and kids we’re flocking around them pointing and tracing the characters on their uniforms. Such a great strategy to appease kids. Awesome!

If you’re interested to get one of that cute cartoon printed medical scrubs you can actually buy scrubs online, visit and place your order now!

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  1. I've often thought "scrubs" looked like very comfortable clothing. Wonderful that they're not plain colors any more.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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