Blogging Woes

I can’t believe I seem to have forgotten this blog.. lol. Nah, I just can’t get new photos on this side of town since my point and shoot cam retired. I’m still hoping something good, something nice will happen at the end of this month so I can score that Nikon D5100 at my friend’s showcase.

I’m feeling sad too my Alexa dropped to 1 million hahaha, huhuhu … I know I need to pick up some momentum over here to go on…. Anyway, I think its just one of those blog lows I have here, I’m still romanticizing this low, might somehow find some inspiration around here.

Despite those crazy blogger feel of mine, I thank you for dropping it here.

(Image not mine)


  1. Hi --
    I've been wondering about you.
    Too bad about your camera. Mine quit working, but I had my little one as backup. We're traveling for another week and it isn't really necessary for me to take pictures, anyway, because my husband takes so many.
    Just glad to hear something -- anything -- from you.
    Take care.
    -- K

  2. mahirap iwanan ang blog lalo na kung nasanay na at madami na nakaibigan..

  3. ayay! am sure mapalit na nimo te before pasko...hehehe....:) daghan bitaw ka raket sa blogworld...labay lang ko!

  4. di diay ta ani makapamikture sa Sunday. Floral parade man...muadto ko. mag atang ko didto sa may San Pedro hehehe.

  5. Just began blogging, i couldn't miss being here but sometime bust at work don't allow being. I too own a point and shoot + SLR. and what u expecting is a good cam. All the best!


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