Davao City is in festive mood again, we're on a month-long good harvest celebration and highlights of this festival is giving honor to the 10 ethnic tribes of this city.

We're packed with so many activities here, your choice of indoor and outdoor fun. this year's festival is handled by Duaw Davao Foundation, a non-profit organization whole sole function is to promote Davao City as a prime destination.

We've started the fun, so if you have not booked your flight yet, it's not yet too late we've just started.

These are just few of the highlights of the parade last year, I'm excited to see what's new for this year.

Check out this year’s schedule of activities.


  1. Would like to fly there right now, I missed KADAYAWAN a lot lalo na yung mga gigz...hopefully by next year maka visit ako dyan..

  2. hala Vernz, naay nag pop up imo blog...sayang na delete dayon bako, basig isa ni sa imong commenter hehe.

    Anyway, bueng, gi-tan-aw gud dayon nako ang kilay sa lion if wa ba jud nagpantay...nyahahahaha. bayot to nga lion Vernz kay naka taas man ang isa ka kilay hahahaha.

  3. oi usab diay ko comment. Ang kadayawan kay naa na daw payment sa mga Press/Bloggers if mag cover ka waaaaa...maayo gani kay digital ra ning akong camera, dili pang pro hehehe

  4. daming activities nyan...ENJOY!


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