Determining Factor

I was thinking yesterday while we're having our gas stop-over, how can these figures be so powerful that it determines and decides every human activity in practically all society. On this side of town, it's really a pain in the pocket pulling out every time we drove to this station. We used to pumped-in P500 for a half a tank, now it won't even last us two days.

I suspect it'll be worst in a not so distant future, by that time probably cars in gas wouldn't be a trend anymore, wondering then what took these scientists so long to invent  solar-powered mass cars, or it's just these giant oil companies that's blocking all these techno so they can have control of people's money. Any thoughts?

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  1. Wow! the prices look similar to what I see here.

  2. maka ingon mn sd ko maam vernz nga diha mi plait ug gas hehehe bitaw uy diri sd mahal mn kaayo... Balik nlng ta sa old ways, tiil ra puhunan, ug masamad butangan lang ug betadine ug band aid sa.

  3. Kagabi nagtaas na naman. :(

    Happy RT!

    Mine's here.

  4. Dito nga ate ang full tank namin lagi is fifty bucks minsan mas mataas pa, nakakadismaya. Hay buhay nakaka unsyami ang price ng gas hehehe.

  5. Omg ang mahal din pala dyan nang gasolina. Noong umalis ako sa Pinas almos years ago, ang gasolina noon parang 20 ang litre pa ata. Gayon pala nag times two? ^_^

    Red Charm

  6. electric car na lang. parang cellphone kung baga, i-recharge lang sa may electric outlet :) hehehe, visiting from ruby tuesday mommy vernz.


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