I’ve been a lazy blogger lately, well, they say it really happen, probably I had lots of those recently can’t even move a finger – I mean it’s actually my mind that’s a problem. 

After suffering from hide allergy attack I went ‘blogbernating’, I stayed away from my keyboard for sometime, I mean for some hours, lol. Was wondering why this stuff is so addicting, I told you it’s my mind that’s a problem. I think I’m picking up momentum, I’m on the last leg of my off line coursework assignments now and starting to get new strain of blogging virus – this time robust and stress-resistant, hahaha … I hope I’ll sustain that blogging stamina.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I was at a friend’s law office the other day to have some papers notarized when I noticed this neon, Ohh, I didn’t know we had one of these, or it’s just me who seldom go out and knew less of night life these days, maybe because I’m more of a cyborg now and knew much stuff online than those physical chips runned on the tables. 

I think it’s better to do Online Casino, it’s less stress and friction-free, besides the fact that it’s safe from intruders and potential crime. If you are to choose, what do you think, on poker rooms or online?


  1. They're both very scary. Gambling is SO addictive, even though poker is now considered a "sport" by some people. Horse racing is a sport. Gambling on horse races isn't a sport.
    Yep, I think gambling is a very scary thing.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. Like what you have said, playing at online casino is very convenient where you can play anywhere with no hassle than going to some long driving hours to casino.

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