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Actually, I forgot its Thursday again today on this side of the world. It’s just that my son is home as he was sent home yesterday for having sore eyes, few of his classmates were sent home days before so it’s no doubt he got it from there. Anyway, after spending some bucks for doctor’s signature and buying all those that’s on the prescription, I just realized I got an empty wallet.

And just as when I’m melancholic over paper-folded-filled-cash-empty wallet, not actually empty as I have plenty of holed five cents left, lol, I overheard this song from my neighbor whom at times I hated because he can’t keep his excitement contained, I’m always bang my early mornings hearing his dang techno beats. Well, that’s how it is living in a free country, how I wish I can buy airspace devoid of sound pollution, anyway, was just glad it was different today or else got no post for today’s nostalgia.

I’m not really sure what’s up with that hyper neighbor of mine, he had this song so early in the morning, can you just imagine greeting the tender world with such a lonely melody, but I swear it has such an inspiring lyrics, but nonetheless, the song surely got me, here sharing ….

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  1. I love singing this song ate hehe.. Bili ka ng BB gun then ipatama mo sa window nya pag nabwisitt ka lol..

  2. ew, sore eyes, one office got one and she never filed sick leave, what great is that the virus was not spread to us......have a nice day....

  3. Uso bitaw daw ang sore eyes karon Mommy Verns may gani akong anak allergy ra daw mao tong ghubag tung isang adlaw. Mine is here Mary Anne’s Musings

  4. Gosh kinilig ako kay James Ingram,feeling ko nalaglag ang p*n*y ko sa boses nya!^_^

    Happy Nostalgia!

  5. Gosh, I miss this song, too. naka dumdum na nuon ko sa American Tale. Cute kaau ang mga mice, hehe. Thanks for sharing this one. And ty for visiting my blog.

  6. aw, such a nice song...makahinomdom ko sa akong nakaraan ani nga song..nice share maam Vernz

  7. magpatugtog ka din ng malakas itapat mo s nahay nila, pero make sure ung mga songs na di siya makarelate pra mainis siya, fair na kau, hehe.

  8. Oh my, this song brings back memories. Graveh! I think this was a hit in the 80's right? I was in grade school pa. :)

    Thanks for the visit pala, Vernz. Happy Sunday!


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