Just the dang forgetful me I forgot to take picture of the whole shrub. This after I was so engrossed circling, clicking, wondering how can a delicate yellow flower turned into a sturdy red one. Yes, this shrub has yellow flowers all over, from the looks of it, this is I think the fresh start to coming of age;

Then there were some on the other branches that turned into this;

Some already had a little mature green ball-like stuff and the yellow petals had completely developed into mature, sturdy flower - strong enough to support those seed-like lil balls;

And then at some other branches you can find these; the green seeds had completely turned black, I was looking down at the ground if there were fallen seeds - but this plant grow right beside the covered court of ADDU in Matina here in Davao, so the janitors might have swept them earlier.

Forgive my botanical ignorance, I can't name this plant, you might know what's this plant called, I would really appreciate if you can share it.


  1. Wow, when you find out the name, let me know, Vernz. It's gorgeous. Yellow flowers, red flowers, green pods, black pods. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. sus, mangutana pa unta ko kung unsa na nga flower or tree...ahak, ask man diay ka diha...atangi nya tong sweeper diha kay aron pangutan-a toink! hehehe

  3. the name of that shrubs is Money Tree and i don't know why they call it like that.:)

  4. It's so pretty, look a like of the fuchsia flowers we got here where humming birds are attracted to it.


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