Blogging Bump, Bump

Ahh, seriously, this blog is making me crazy, I can’t count anymore how many times I’ve changed template for this, and I think this one satisfies the OC me. I didn’t know life online is as fast-paced as my life offline. I was thinking of giving up this blog, but my OC self said, ‘no, it’s your first blog that taught you how to make friends online and it’s the blog that started all the stress in your life’, so just let it be, who cares about Alexa and PR, just blog and blog and blog, and if think you have nothing to blog, that thought in itself is worth blogging.’

So after that conversation with myself, [oh, don’t take that for something else, I’m still sane and working, lol] I’m keeping this blog, ‘of course you should, it’s the only blog that brings you moolah and comes in free,’ ‘Alright, so it’s settled then.’

So it’s time to get some cat nap over here, see yah around folks.


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