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Savings is today’s moms mantra, probably in whatever aspect in the household moms always have their way of putting away a little all for the rainy days, this goes especially with the health concerns of our family, I for one, strongly subscribed to various health programs available and affordable.

Recently I knew about the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, it’s a discount program runned by United States of America’s largest chain of drugstore - Walgreens, signing up with their savings club entitles you to great discounts on over 8000 brand-names and generic medicines available on their counters.

Family membership costs only $10 a year, this modest amount covers all your immediate family – that includes your spouse, your children and even your parents and can be availed the whole year round. Individual membership costs only $5 a year, this amount is way too low for the paybacks you’ll be getting for your future medication needs.

Moms out there you shouldn’t let this opportunity slip, you should sign-up for membership today if you want to slash down prices of your next medicine purchase.

Our family’s health is the most important of all, in fact, we often say, getting sick is a no, no, we can’t command fate to stay as it is, we can only get prepared.

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