Waahhhhh, I forgot I had this

Seriously, it's been a while that I had not put a thought on this blog, it's just that I can't pick any inspiration as I wanted to have this blog done - blog make-over I'm suppose to say. Geez, I thought I've gotten over my OC self but I don't know it just show-up once in a while, I mean all the time, lol.

If only you know I spending half of my days looking for dang template for this blog, but none one among millions ...:(((.

Anyway, just an update that the author is still alive and kickin' ass this 2012!


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  2. sa kadaghan sa blogs, ang uban nangalimtan!

    happy new year te! sensya na jud kau karon lang nakag wara wara...hope all is well!


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