Of car butt pun and being single

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Red lights can really spawn lotssa wild thoughts especially when a government road repair project is up ahead and it’s been months since they first poked the pave and nothing, I mean it has become worst since then, has happened.

I’m living in a quiet sinister society where 2 people are being killed in a minute, don’t be too hard on this data I just read it on a paper minutes before I drove away, yet can’t even explicitly buy an egg vibe, there’s actually no store that sells this at the mall, you can use in times like these … what’s the connection? Hahahaha, anyway, thanks to this car butt that made me thought of something wild for minutes;



I’m relatively convinced with the last two lines, just Work, as though you didn’t need the money, love that quote from Alfred D. Souza and spa, as though this is the last time you’ll gonna live … gosh, I should do that.

But the first two lines has somewhat raked a disagreement from me. So you think being double, I mean roughly translated in our social set-up that would mean in a relationship or married, I would suppose, can really bring you happiness? What’s so good about being double? You probably had your own reasons too and raised eyebrows while reading this, but If I were you just stay single and be very, very happy, gaaaahhhhh, how can our society, I mean it’s us, created our own monster and jolt us that being single is a lonely word.

That speaking from a victim’s experience, trust me!



  2. oh, why? i am just as happy being ALONE. er, my "alone" means having less friends. i'd like to be just myself when the kids and my "double" were away:)

  3. Momi Vernz it does not matter if we are married yet unahppy with our status :-( I'd rather be single and free :-) Returning the visit from #86 of BPC.

  4. I have to agree with teImz...:)

    kani laging traffic ang makaingon ba...daghan dayon sticker pod ka sa imong rare teVernz? hehehhee...ako pahimo ko ug "I blog hard, I shop harder"...hahaha...murag wa sa!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  5. If you look at it the other way, some people has the perception as well that marriage sucks the life out of you, and thus, it's more fun to be single - to which I disagree. Personally, I was happy when I was single, but I'm so much happier now that I'm married :) And I'm sure that there are a lot more others out there who are blissful about being married, just the same as those many blessed people out there who are happy being the "single" they are ;)

    Hopping here for BPC ^^

  6. That's funny, like it:)

    Visiting for # 86 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  7. Happiness is a choice, so if this car's owner's choice was to be single and be happy-- who am I to disagree? Lol.

    Late BPC hop!


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