Corona and Fontana Nissan

I have had the pleasure of visiting nissan corona quite a number of times for many different reasons. They were the first dealership I visited when looking to puchase my last car, and although I ended up going with the dealership of fontana nissan, I still remember that one of the reasons I loved Corona so much was because of all the different types of specials they offered. It seems they always had different deals, and there was always one that completely suited just what I needed at the time.

The Corona dealership is one of the very best dealerships within the city of Corona, California and is very easily accessible. Fontana dealership is a close second, full of great cars and Nissan models in Fontana, California. The vehicle that I ended up choosing was in the newer part of the inventory. It was the 2011 Nissan Cube, and was around seventeen thousand dollars. Although still a bit pricy, it was much better than what I had seen at some other dealerships. The people who worked at Empire Dealership were very easy to deal with and I can't say that I have any complaints. They let me walk around the building and look at all the different cars until I finally had one that I decided on.

I know that the Nissan Cube is probably not the most attractive car (at least I've been told by a few friends of mine) and maybe I should have just went with an Altima or something more along those lines, but I'd say I'm happy with my purchase. My cube gets me everywhere and I haven't had any breakdowns or engine problems since I first purchased it. Of course maybe that is because it's only a year old, but still. Some shady dealerships don't even sell you new cars, they basically just say that they are new to get your money. Alas, there are always diamonds in miles and miles of coal.

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