"Bagobo Dance" in Ateneo

After weeks of practice finally the ‘Bagobo Dance’ as part of the culmination of the ‘Makabayan Week’ of the Ateneo de Davao University-Grade School was staged. This year's theme 'Mindanao Palamboon Ta!'

On Oct. 27, we attended the event and when I saw the Grade IV boys in their colorful costumes, in which my son is, I cannot help but grin to the ears, they don’t look like Bagobo but they all look-like Mang Kepweng instead. I'm sharing some pictures of the event.

Leandro in Bagobo attire, but he looks like Mang Kepweng

'This year’s theme, ‘Mindanao Palamboon Ta!’

'The future of the Philippines and no plans of stopping it’

'Liea, ang cute na atenista’ taken at Ateneo de Davao-Grade School Walkway


  1. wow bongga....mukhang masaya ang festival..

    salamat tuod sa paglabay mami dearest...agi pod ko dire!

  2. nice festivity you have there. BTW my cousing Danton Remoto is an editor in chief in Ateneo de Manila and english college profesor too.

    It so happen that he will run again in 2010 for national election.

  3. I went to ateneo de Davao I guess 2001 for an educational trip the school is really nice


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