I first encountered this blog while clicking things around, honestly I’m no fan of pink color but got attracted by this blog’s name so I mouse over her posts and found some interesting things about the blog owner.

I never had some second thoughts that the owner of this blog is a Filipina because of her ‘utotmopink’ catchy blog title. ‘Utot’, whilst a natural body activity, pinoys normally associate it with humurous connotation especially when it cast out off a sound, but guess what ‘Utot’ according to this lady is no ‘mabantot’ at all it actually stands for; U.ltimately, T.rendy, O.bviously, T.asty, and what is more interesting she is giving away some cool stuff. Want to look-like a celebrity in camisole? Then this is a contest you should not miss. Check out UTOTMOPINK.

Now, my task to qualify, answer these questions;

1. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? If yes, write about it.
Ans. Princess Aurora in classic pink gown, this is my daughter’s most adored Disney Princess, she has a collection of everything with this princess on it.

2. Who is your favorite Hollywood actress or supermodel younger than 30?
Ans.Hmmmm. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)

3. Choose one. Shoes? Bags? Clothes? Or make-up? Ans. Shoes

4. What is your favorite sleepwear? Ans. Tee and shorts

5. I joined this contest because …….. I want to feel how Reese Witherspoon is feeling in pink camisole.

My next activity? Writing more entries for more of the contests around… been dazed with so many contests ……. Hahaha! But more entries more chances of winning, of course who doesn’t want to win.


  1. Hi Vernz, just saying Hello. The grandpa blogger is now enjoying the life in rural Marinduque. What a different lifestyle from our daily activities in Northern California

  2. Hello Grandpa Blogger, Hi Sir David! wow glad you're back... are you stating here for good?


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