There’s this lady I just know in this blogosphere, she called her blog Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed from her posts I can tell she really is raking some overcash from around this sphere, and I suppose she is sharing it back to her loyal visitors by coming up with a contest.

As she said this is also in celebration of her 25th Birthday. She called her contest BHO’s First Contest, and guess what? You can win up to $100 dollars, thousands of EC credits and a lot more, who knows by just doing some simple steps you win.

Everyone is invited to join, I have joined too, check her site its BLOGUARDIAN HELLSITE: OVERCASHED, and may bless me. Good luck to all of us.


  1. hi dear! thanks for following my site.. you might want to join my contest as well.. sali ka huh.. thanks :D

  2. okay hun, i shall wait for your post.. goodnite den :D

  3. Vernz.. 4 pts for you, just let me know if ive missed something
    added BHO - 1
    blog about it - 2 (3 points if sponsors's list is included)
    contest badge - 1
    total of 4. see you around.

    Thanks for joining and best of luck!

  4. whew! sali mu sana ung sponsors te vernz!!heheh! kasi sponsor ako!LOL!

  5. weeeeeeh@ salamat pod sa laag te!!!

    mao ni akong mga blogs te: Walking Newspaper,Pinoy Medical Doctor and The Latest Buzzzz

    ok ra if unya p nimu iadd, iping ra pod ko te iff maadd n nimu! thankie thnkie!!! can u send me ur email te here? naa lng pod ko isend nimu! :)



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