It’s Friday in the Philippines and this is my entry for this week’s Skywatch Friday. I call this entry ‘A MOONLIT SUNSHINE’.

I made a poem along with this post.

I took this picture the other day at our school ground and this is a ‘Talisay’ Tree with a white daylight moon on the side.

- By Verna Liza Y. Luga

One may live in sunshine;
One may have lived waiting for the sunshine;
Someone may have enjoyed the sunshine after the rain;
Someone may have braved the rain in sunshine;

One may never have seen sunshine at all;
One may have lived in sunshine and not minding at all;
Someone may have lived in sunshine, lose it, and hope to find it again;
Someone may have forlorn sunshine;

One may just be happy for someone enjoying sunshine;
One may have just lived in a moonlit sunshine;
Someone may yearn for sunshine and dream it will always be;
Someone is hopeful tomorrow will be another sunlit day;

Thank you for reading. You are most welcome to leave a comment, suggestions. See you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Nice poem!

    The leaves are lovely foregrounds too...

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Camille, thanks for dropping by.. see you around.

    January, Thank you, those are talisay tree leaves ... see you again.

  3. Davao is one of the most beautiful place in the country and I hope I can go there soon, to watch the sky and take a photo of it too!

  4. kita nako ang bulan....ehheheh!

    agoy na miss nako ang talisay...kalami raba ana dokdokon ug bato...lami ang iya nuts...ehehehe!

    salamat sa dalaw...labay pod ko dire!

  5. AL, Yes you should visit Davao ... one of these days ... see you.

    Dhemzy cutie darling, Salamat jud kaayo ... daghan kaayo ug liso sa talisay matamakan madaot akong sapatos. heheheh!

  6. te vernz! naamazed ra ko sa imung blog list..heheh! ang the latest buzzzz napod ang wala karun. :( anyway, patient naka ke nakacomment naka!haha! te, gimme ur email plz, ill be going home na!


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