I’m a Youtube aficionado too. I can remember I soaked on Youtube was following the Korean series Love Story in Harvard. Although I have lots of video of my kids’ activities, I personally archived it but have no guts of sharing since they are still minors. I also have posted quite a few, but the views are not as numerous as the Cebu Inmates Thriller Dance thing.

But wandering around made me discover that you can actually Buy Youtube View , yeah! You read it right, if you want your dog video views or your nail coloring session video in Youtube soar, then you can pay for views, you can follow the link above and try.


  1. I don't think I'd like to pay people to view my videos, but I guess it's good for those who wants more hits to get on top :)

  2. Me, too. Why should I pay for people to view my videos? We mainly upload videos on YouTube or Flickr mainly for keeping them and for our personal and close friends' viewing. Thanks for sharing this info anyway. Didn't know it before.


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