Whenever I fall short of time cooking, I find refuge to my savior, this is our most visited grilled resto here in the city, Mang Manok, my savior, serves the yummiest grilled chicken in town, I love it here since my kids can freely roam around, it’s also a WI-FI area, and it’s a ‘halal’ restaurant, meaning our Muslim friends can order all the food they want without the anxiety of transgressing their religion. The breast part bbq is the best, so if you happen to visit Davao City, Mang Manok is a worthy visit. Their resto is located along Arellano St.

This photo was taken on one of the evenings we were there.

The tree silhouette is a Firetree that is in full bloom by day.

Click here to more the worlds glorious skies.


  1. hhee.. nice to see this as I am in Malaysia no go there before.

  2. Asa man ng Arellano St banda Vernz kay adtuon nako ng Mang Manok. Layo na sya sa Matina? hehe..taga Davao ko pero di ko katuod sa Davao. Davao lang gi-anak man gud pero sa Maynila ko midako ay na tiguwang diay hahaha.

  3. wow murag lami jud kaayo na nga pagkaonan ate vernz!

  4. Guess that is a new resto.It wasn't there before during my Davao days. Love breast barbecue, too.
    And that fire tree, so nice...
    The fire here in Bkk right now is sooooo annoying. I know you've been seeing it on tv. But thanks God we're safe right here. We hoarded food supplies though. Better prepared than sorry.

  5. I've never heard of Mang Manok here in Manila. Meron ba? If yes, I'd love to try it.

  6. Lovely shots ate Verns.

    By the way, Nostalgia will not only revolve on old pics, you can also post a picture of any remembrance or souvenir (I am sure dami mo nyan since you love travelling. Hope to see you next week, ingat lagi!

  7. Friendship, one more sleep dyan na me sa Pinas mkkain na me ng Mang manok na sensya d msyado visit lately busy sa tlga.

  8. agoy..litson manok...eheheheh!

    nice entry te...huebes paman diay dire...eehhehe...hope to post mine tom...:)

  9. visit ko dha ate vernz pag mka laag na ko davao.. hehehe.. 2 of my best friends are assigned in davao, kaso nga lang wala pa jud matunong na travel dha.. dugay-dugay na jud ko wala ko ka anha.. I should try that place next time..

  10. hmm...I've passed by this place before but never thought much about it as it's out of my way. Hapit ra gud ko sometime:) My skywatch is here.

  11. looks like a great place for get-together ng barkada!

    what are you looking for?

    have a great day!

  12. Nakakaon na jud ko diha before...

    nice sky dear.. Mine is up pud.

  13. Pictures look great! We would like us to ever get to visit those beautiful places! We will read and comment with great pleasure!
    Greetings with respect!

  14. Diha ta magkita pohon, mi Amiga!OK ra ko diri.Hapit na sugod sa klase dinha no...

  15. In my place it's Mang Pedro's I don't know if you have that place too in Davao. The thing is there chicken is so yummy and juicy. Happy weekend!



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