…I crossed rivers, I took nothing but pictures, I killed nothing but time, I left nothing but footprints…… yayks! Indeed can’t help but being nostalgic about those times frozen on these photos.

This was during the summer of 1998 National Mountaineering Congress and Climb at Mt. Candalaga in Compostela Valley Province. Nung Kabataan ko ….. ahahahaha! I just don’t swim I also climb … toinks…… but seriously I was very active in various activities related to this …. As in climb here and there….
Anyway, it all started with a bus ride from Davao City to the town of Maragusan in Compostela Valley Province, we were directed then to the Municipal Hall for briefing…. Tired and weary traveler, no place to rest but here;

After the briefing we were all loaded to this dump truck to be dumped (LOL!) at the base camp ….

For a long journey ahead! Smile! (I missed these people, we seldom see each other now, and some I don’t even know where they are now)

From the base camp to the top camp, we passed by seven falls and crossed countless rivers, stamped countless mosquitoes and cried a river for every leach that sipped my blood …

The Statue of Mary like falls …. It’s an unadulterated nature; it’s really a diwata haven.

I’m particularly proud of this one, nyahahahah…. No other way but to scale this hanging stair beside this falls, do it, go back alone, or sleep in the middle of the jungle alone, choose one among those three, no ifs, no buts. I gave all my strength and threw all my fears here …

At the top camp, and a souvenir photo with some other climbers from all over the Philippines.

Going down was just so swift as their were trails already made by the native farmers on the area, unlike our going up expedition where there was no trail at all, you have to tail with the group or else you’ll get lost.

When you get to the edge of the jungle this view will meet you, you will see the whole Compostela Valley.

I just can’t help but being nostalgic, I just realized I’ll just pass this way but once, and I'm glad I did. See you again next Thursday for another Nostalgic Marveling at Rose’s blog. Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.



  1. wow nice kaayo ate vernz! gi scan man jud ni nimo ang mga pics... hehehe! mangita pud ko ug mga daang pics ani... hehehe

  2. Wow!!What an experience!!Haven't tried climbing highest mountains kahit na nasa bundok kami ng tralala lol!I'm sure nami-miss mo pa ring pumunta dyan noh?Love nature tripping!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!!^_^Have a nice day!

  3. @ Kayce, Kay, wala koy scanner, gi-rephotograh na nako sa album .. hahhahah! unya gicrop lang nako sa photoshop.. mao lubug ... hehehhe...

    @ Sherry, sis, it was tiresome, but fun ...

    @ Clarissa, parang wala nang bundok na walang trail ngayong 2010, so nature tripping is a brezze.. thanks for the drop

  4. Hi Vernz, you were so adventurous pala ha. I also reminisce those days when I was young going to many places, trekking here and there with my barkada. Good, you still have those pics.

  5. Wow ate magkasundo tayo sa adventure hehehe. We love mountain climbing, our first climb as a family was when we were in Korea, it was an arduous one but we're all happy.

    Love your entry!

  6. I love your adventures... I enjoyed reading and looking at the pics

  7. i love these kindof adventures sis. I love your sense of humor sis hehehe. ganda ng mga tanawin dun ano, look at the fall and the view, very pretty. Ohh nakakamiss and adventures sa kabataan pa natin. gone are the days. hehehe

  8. Wow, you are indeed a health person Mommy V! Wished I could experience those kind of activities too!

    Nostalgia: Work Friends and Social Gatherings

  9. ay sus ang tapang naman, hehehe. mahina ako sa mga climbing na ganyan, saka takot ako sa heights, baka nasa gitna ako eh di na ako makababa. wahhhh! ang ganda ng view. saka pala me allergy ako, di ako pwede sa mga outdoor, migraine at sinus ang aabutin ko.

  10. Wow, what a great experience it was for you to mountain climb with your friends. Your photos look great! :)

  11. waaaaaaaa...very adventurous ka man diay gosh...not only a swimmer but a mountain climber too? ayay! thumbs up....ehehhehe....:)

    enjoy kaau mo sa mga pics...thanks for sharing!

    Mine is here. So Nostalgic

  12. Life wish ko makakita ng real falls. Ang ganda ng lugar na ito.

    Thanks for dropping by my Nostalgia post.

  13. Oh i remember same experience wahhhh miss it too. my late entry is up too.

    Mine is here

  14. oh wow..what a great and exhausting experience...pero sulit naman...picture pa lang vernz npaka-nostalgic na...thanks for visiting mine

  15. wow...ka nice sa place oi...wa pa ko ka anha anang lugara...ganahan ra ba ko ug mga waterfalls oi, type pod nako mo climb ug mountain...

    BTW. yes Vermz, naa na mi diri Davao, abot mi adtong Tuesday night...nag adjust pa ko sa weather pati ako anak nga si janjan, sige reklamo kay init daw waaaaa hahahaha

  16. Akala mo lng matapang ako Ateh, mas matapang un sa akin, hahaha.

    Wow outgoing ka pala ng kabataan mo Ateh Vernz...

  17. wow ka nice! suya ko. gusto pud bya ko mag try ana. i hope one day i could. hehehe. reminiscing?

  18. so much fun talaga outdoor trips lalo na with friends.. I miss going out with them, it's been awhile na rin kasi... Your photos said it all, sobrang saya ng experience na yan.. sana maulit muli =) happy weekend

  19. Wow Vernz! You are so brave and adventurous! Even in my younger days, I did not dare! The falls are so pretty!

  20. wow Ate Vernz, mahilig ka pala sa adventure. Ang saya nyo sa picture ang dami nyo.. Nakaranas ako sumakay ng dumptrack noon hehehe.. punta kami ng dagat.. Alam mo sa Oriental malayo ang dagat..

    MIss ko na ang Davao, Hope I will see you pag uwi ko...

    Have a nice day, Happy Sunday!:)


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