I called off my class, but I can’t afford to miss Nostalgia today, waaaaaaahhh!

I was digging hard on my notes last week, I wasn’t able to post. But here’s my share for this week’s nostalgia.

This photo is dated March 14, 1974, I was two years old then, I can’t recall anymore what transpired during this photo opp, but truly have missed my mother’s siblings. The little girl here is yours truly and standing behind me is my mom. The rest were my mom’s bro and sis, the lady with eyeglasses passed away many years ago.

It was my mom who got married first, thus we enjoyed all our uncles and aunties time and material gifts. These folks have their own grandchildren now and they’re scattered all over the Phils. Lol. True, one in Luzon, two in Visayas and the rest here in Mindanao. The last time I saw them all was during the wake of my grandfather 8 years ago. Sigh!

That’s life … Thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town. Join us next Thursday for another round of nostalgic marveling hosted by Rose mouse on the blue badge above.


  1. buti ka pa at least you have a picture to remind you of them. would you believe na i dont have a picture of my father? its all in the province kasi :(

  2. ka super nostalgic talaga ng pic

  3. tunay na nostalgia itu vernz...dami ko din nasave na mga pics na ganitu, kaso halos kramihan sa mga nkalaran e nagsipagfly na sa langit, hehe.

    btw, nabasa ko un post (comment)mu about ur MIL...nakakatuwa ka tlg...

  4. you called off your class?! :p

    wow, 8 years is a long time. i hope your mom's siblings could get-together again soon. it's great that you have this picture to remember them.

  5. I always love seeing old photo. Same with Luna, wish a family reunion can happen soon :)

    Thanks for dropping by, Vernz...

  6. Wow nagkalat pala relatives mo tVernz hehehe... I was only ten months old during those times. Meaning di pala kalayuan edad natin hehehe... Buti ka pa may picture, ako di ko na maalala ang aking kabataan hahaha


  7. sus mao jud akong ganahan Vernz kanang tan-aw ko ug lumang pictures bitaw...maayo kay naa japon ka pics nga gamay ka pa hehehe..

    TY sa labay hehe...asa ka laag ron hehe

  8. wow! maayo pa ka ate dah naa pajud nang imong mga tinaguan nga litrato sa unang panahon.. hehehe!

  9. Walang ka-kupas2x ang beauty mo Vernz. You always have that shiny face.

    My Nostalgia post

  10. Oh my golly buti naitago mo lahat ito maam, look at the color hehehe. nakak nostalgia talaga ang photo na tu

  11. likewise te, unsa pod si mama naminyo...nya una pod me nga mga pamangkin ug apo...I miss those days...spoiled permi....:)

    wow, bilib ko nimo te...buhay na buhay pa jud ni nga!

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