When was the last time I had a blind date? I can’t remember anymore, but that excitement was relive yesterday when I’m, for the first time, meeting the author of Mom’s Wish Lists, Lifestyle and Homemaking, Mom’s Place and iTravel no other than, I actually envy her body and hair, drum rolls please…. Pretty Kat.

She actually made me wait, nyahahaha! I was one hour early at our ‘eyeball’ place since you know I did some book scavenging first at the BookSale here at NCCC Mall.

After minutes of waiting she finally came in her purple tube top, O diba… sexy! We didn’t actually made a lot of salutations, you know the feeling that you know a little of her already… the air was comfortable.

So headed down to eat lunch, Alas! We did some waiting moments again since all tables at Mandarin were all taken, but that did not stop us talking, geez, I was so loud.. nyahahaha.. I just realized now, lol.

Anyway, we started eating around 12:30 PM we ended up 3:30 PM, just in case you want some trivia about her, take her to lunch at least one hour early…. Yah! Don’t poke me Kat, lol.

So, realizing that we had overstayed… we went up to the department to buy some stuff and went down again… I wonder why talks were just pouring like the rain outside, just here and there, when, how, why, where about life and all.

While just talking, walking aimlessly we spotted bugs bunny and you know this thing bloggers do, ..picture..picture…. we were actually looking for a roving guard to took us one, since Mommy Kat was scared to had her camera handled by anybody around, they might ran away with it… hehehe! Unfortunately, we didn’t see one, so we’re strained to poke this spiked hair guy to take us a photo.

Even Adam Sandler wasn’t spared, Mommy Kat caught him cheating! So this is how a woman’s gonna do, once she caught her man cheating … Strangle you! Lol.

We got tired standing so we look around for some benches, after several minutes this ‘massage guy’ came convincing us to try, I haven’t tried it, and Mommy Kat said, let’s go, as she tried it once … so while setting up this foot massager thing, ‘massage guy’ kept babbling sorts of thing about health and all, whatever, but the vibrating infrared, whatever you call it, really was a great feel. Unfortunately, you know people wanted to get a sale, keep talking, nudging you to sign, hell! Thank You very much.

Then, ‘massage guy’ told us to take in some warm something to drain those, whatever toxins the body has that was pulverized by the vibration. So, we headed to Mr. Donut to have our coffee… before I know it, the shade outside turned dark already… OMG, Mommy Kat ‘ngit-ngit na’ (dark already)… that was when we decided to move up and she bought ‘pasalubong’ for Janjan.

We parted at around 6PM. It was a day indeed. I never had that girl talk for quiet a long time, thanks to her. We agreed to see each other more before she’ll fly to some place far and awesome.

Thanks Mommy Kat for that time, I made memories with you. Yeheyy! You’re one awesome, sexy lady, I wonder why you’re slim too… nyahaha!

So that’s what has been on this side of town on weekend.


  1. nyahahahaha...maayo pagka posing hehehehe....sakspan ko ani nga isa ka tuig mokaon nyahahaha..mao ng di mutambok hehehe.

    mag post pod ko today, hopefully maka upload ang net waaaaaa, gabii nag try ko gikapoy na lang sad ko ug hinulat, sige ra tuyok tuyok, way kahuman ug tuyok..lagot ko kaayo...nag tan-aw na lang mi movie nga The Town..hehehe

  2. Wow the two pretty ladies in blogospher met up already eh? Nice photos!

  3. Wahawwwwww ang gaganda naman ng mga mommies na ititch, envy ako hahaha... Bakit kayo lang naga eyeball sama rin ako dapat lol.. Sige necxt time habol ako hahaha.. Excited ako ah hahaha..

  4. weeeeh! how nice kaayo te.. lahi rajud ang feeling te bah basta magkita-ay ang mga wafa nga bloggers in person... hehehe! hope kita pud unta ate puhon oi magkita kita pud ta... :)

  5. Wow huh Ate Vernz parang andami nung tsinibog ah, wala na bang tira-tira. Hehehe, oo nga flawless si Ate Kat..mukhang nag-enjoy nga kayong dalawa. Haist sana makapunta rin ako Davao someday..haha ambisyosa ko! Thanks for posting photo, sana laging meron..hehe

  6. tag an ko pa, hehehe ikaw sad tong gina mention ni kat hahaha kadghan ba nimo na meet mommy kat oi ehehehe

  7. wow, you met na .. i'm sure mauulit p yan ehhee mukha nag enjoy kayo eh :)

  8. sos daan ko pa lagi...kamo 2 ang nag EB...nganong nganong nganong wala man ko ninyo pod ko! ka ka envy naman...:) kuyaw pod ning imong ka EB kay late man...ehehehhe!

    sa wakas te nagkita na jud mo duha...hope someday soon, kita pod unta no...malouy si Lord...ehehehe! maimagine nako inyong ka saba!

  9. wow! enjoy jud mo ba. hala naa pud ko pics diri.

  10. hala abi ko kinsa imo ka eyeball... hehehe...

  11. awesome! it's great to meet on line friends every now and then. you spent the whole afternoon talking about what?:p

  12. Ako talaga super tagal ng blogger,wala pang na mi meet kahit kailan, lol!

    Visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange.Thanks!

  13. Salamat sa paglabay AteV.. Mwahness.

  14. momma vernz kailan mo ako e eyeball? kakainggit kayo

  15. Oh ayan ate andami ng gusto makipag EB sayo hahaha... Basta next time buzz mo kami, mwah!

  16. wow nice to know you met guys, I also met Ate KAT when I hade my vacay last too look lovely..hope I can met when I visit Davao again..

  17. wow, that really looks like such an amazing get-away!! i'm so happy you got to go. Have a lovely met each other.


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