I was doing mommy chores today when I overheard from Bombo Radyo that Former Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Gen. Angelo Reyes has gunned down himself at a cemetery this morning. I had been stalking this AFP ‘Pabaon-pasalubong’ issue being investigated at both Houses since it broke out of media sometime ago. Just like any other ordinary Juana, I’m packed with eagerness too to know what really happened to those millions of dough that were believed to be pocketed by only few and significant people on the top brass of this organization.

But with Reyes’ death some things, some stories about this controversy may possibly be left unanswered. I just thought this issue really is more than what it seemed to be as it has taken its toll even the toughest man, if I may say such, in this country.

Whatever happens to this nation state, to the investigation, I wish his death would serve as a loud message to everyone as to what precise it may be relevant, that this corruption culture whether you’ve participated or not had ruined, not only this person’s life, but the entirety of this nation.

God bless the Philippines.


  1. How very sad! Power corrupts, that's for sure!

  2. Girl ano yon? Nagpakamatay siya o gipatay hala ka wala lagi ko kakita ana hahaist wala man diay ko tan aw news wahhh Visiting here through bloggers exchange

  3. Hmmm...this made me think more of what to expect when we arrive in Manila tomorrow. Sad news....

    Anyways, I'm glad to find your blog. Haven't been to this site before. I used this link when I mentioned your name in my postcard exchange meme today. Thanks, Vernz.

    Have a good week!

  4. Hoping your country can heal from it all. Sad that someone thinks taking their own life is the only answer.
    On a brighter note - your image is beautifully composed!

  5. minaw diay pod ko ug bombo te? ehhehe...hay life, mabuhay ang pilipinas!

  6. This is a sad way to end things for him. Too bad but this happens in most every country. Ours for sure.

    On a brighter note, you captured your flag very nicely. I had no idea and would not have ever looked probably but for your posting this picture.

  7. Mukhang guilty ate vernz k ngano man magpakamatay man jud beh.. Dli na nuon niya mas ma-enjoy ang ila nakawat hihihi.. apil ra ba jud atong kwarta ato bah k ga bayad gud ta taxes.. hehe

  8. people and nations everywhere appear to be stuggling with corruption
    I'm sorry for the pain this causes

    your photo is very touching

  9. a tragic end that left many questions unanswered. he opted for the easy out. i wonder if the institutionalized corruption in government would ever stop.

  10. Oh my. I didn't hear of this with the news being so full of events in Egypt. Your photo captures the essence of the tragedy.

    Thanks for linking to Midweek Blues.


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