Yeah right! After dizzy days here comes another human uncontainable dilemma. Some guys had a birthday party at the compound last night and I ate a lot of those dang macaroni salad that seemed like good to me.

Everything was normal up until around 11 in the evening when I begun to feel pain in my tummy, you know that kindda pain where you know where to land next. I had countless visits at the comfort bowl, I drained quiet a number of gallons of water and pulled half the wet nursy, thing with ‘flowing throughs’ it made you frail and useless in no time.

I had to rely on the ‘one-hour promise’ of this antimotility drug to calm my upset tummy.

I was trying to self-medicate with salt and water combi to prevent dehydration, but the potion taste like someone’s gonna poison me, it’s terrible!

Anyway, I felt OK now but somewhat flimsy, my husband told me I might have pulled the bowl tank handle hard, the chain went loose and got disconnected from the flabber, so our water meter is running even nobody’s using, so we have to turn off the main valve up until the plumber would be around to fix it.

Wish I’m living in Singapore, plumbing services in Singapore is 24/7, even in the wee hours of the night; pros would come knocking at your door, how efficient!

Anyway, that’s what has been on this side of town, need to gulp more replenishment, lol ;), and thanks guys for dropping by.


  1. har, har, har, mao diay, si macaroni diay ang salarin nyhahahaha...kaon na sad ka apple ron kay aron pampagahi har! har! har!

  2. hahaha...tawon pod si ma'am...nag LBM...ehehehe...agi ko dire kadali te...:)

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  6. ha ha ha really this is funny little bit ..

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