Stuffed animals on Davao streets

One of the common scenes you can see at Oyanguren Street here in Davao City, stuffed animals coming from Korea, Japan some new, some old, some actually are good as trash. Been wondering whether these are really up for legal selling of these are other countrys' trash that found their way to Davao streets.

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  1. aw, i saw a pink hello kitty sa first photo na pwede pang pan-display. sana naman whoever brought these stuffs are making a good money..

  2. ukay-ukay ng mga stuffed toys. meron din dun s shop na napuntahan ko knna pero mas di hamak na magaganda yang mga nasa photos mo, mama vernz.i wonder how much a big one cost :)

  3. OH MY GOSH! stuffed animals, so cute! used to have a lot but then some of my nieces likes it so I just gave it to the next generation kids :)

  4. agoy, pagkadaghan ba lamang...ehehhee...lami magpalit da...ehehehe!

  5. naglipana na talaga ang mga ganyan na laruan..dito leyte may mga ganun din na binibenta..

  6. I go with u on its uncertainty! But who won’t like these cute stuffed animals. Good capture, Vernz.

    First time here, and liked u r blog :)

  7. angry bird ba yung asul?? so cute
    thanks for sharing
    Here's my PF entry

  8. daghan ingon ana dri sa Lapu-Lapu market. they sell it by kilo.. i thought of buying coz they are really cute and sometimes in good condition..but I always think kung safe ba bumili :(

    thanks sis for dropping on my PF post

  9. yay! my daughter will grab those cut, lovable stuff toys animals, visiting from PF, hope you can visit my entries here too


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