Hi guys, wow it took me quiet a while to update this blog. While I always say I blog without obligation, the other side of me keeps yelling, go update it.

Anyway, yayks, I finally figured it out how to use the ‘selective color’ feature of my cam, this red slippers was my first decent shot.. hahaha, it was some Archimedes moment for me.. lol.

So what's this slippers got to do with nostalgia?
T’was 3 decades back, the story was, I got several ‘plaks’ from my mother using exactly same design slippers - that after I lost my school bag. She was not actually angry about the lost school things, but the thought that I lied after she noticed that I had not been bringing my bag to school, I just said I knew all the lessons and I’ll make it sure to be on the top of the class, somewhat like a genius with a photographic mind, lol … But she doubted, you know mothers really had this extra mast to know whether their children are into something fishy or not. So she went to our school and talked to my teacher and my classmates. So there, the cat was finally out of the bag.

Banta Bata wasn’t even a thought during that time yet, the widely known form of punishment was plunking, glad it wasn’t my grandfather’s slim guava stick hanged at the back of the door or I’ve peed in my pants.

Thinking about that stuff now, wow, I’ve survived my mom.. nyahhaha, but that’s the way it was before – now we’ve evolved to a society where parents are stripped with the authority to execute capital punishment to their children … we leave all the physical stuff to our government, parents are reduced to mere talkers – some effective, some not.

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  1. Scholarly ka talaga tVernz hehehe. Buti ka nga may style pa ang slippers ako yung mumurahin lang lol, tsaka ang bag na gamit ko yung butas butas ba, yung para fish net weeeee. Love the photo!

  2. Nyahahaha sakspan....wonder lang ko kung naa kayay naliwat sa inahan hahahaha...

  3. Very beautiful post here Vernz. I guess we all grew with this kind of discipline and looking back I don't have any grudges to my parents. Sa amin eh belt lang naman lol!

    Nostalgic Marveling

  4. very nostalgic post teVernz....:) hehehe...kuyaw ni nga cat...agoy growing up lisod mamakak kay mabunalan man dayon sa bakos...hehhee...karon, lahi na jud...spartan na te? joke!


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