I got another Best Blog Award from Leomar of

To Leomar who have chosen my 3 month old blog to be the recipient of this award it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED and A MILLION THANKS to YOU Leomar.

I tried blogging because I just got intrigued why do I always read about blogging being addicting. And I just proved it correct, and my addiction pays, lol. Thanks Leomar.

As a rule, Rules copied in toto from

An awardee must pass this “BEST BLOG” Award to 15 fellow bloggers who he/she thinks have the best and great blogs.

For the new awardees:
• Copy and save the award
• Make a post in your blog (like this one and write in your own words)
• In your post, mention the name of the blogger who awarded you and his/her blog link/URL
• Leave a comment in this post
• Make sure to contact the 15 bloggers and notify them that they have been chosen for this award.


  1. thanks for the award... appreciate it

  2. You deserve it Vernz! Have a great weekend!

  3. yayks thanks te vernz! wohooooooo! ill be posting this the soonest! by the way, you blog has been added already in my three blogs..and oh, i used to give award to my first commenter in my recent posts, good thing you happen to be the first commenter of my recently posted buzzzzing post!wohoooooooo! you'll have a free linky love at the sidebar until the end of the month.

  4. Thank you for the recognition :)

  5. hi vernz! thank you for the award and for visiting my blog. i have received the same award last week, i'll just update my post on it and add your name on it.

    have a happy weekend!

  6. Congratulations! Absolutely your blog is an award winning!

  7. WOW, thanks so much! I have passed the award along on my blog!!

  8. thx for dropping by and am so happy for your recognition - I'm really depressed tis 2 weeks so not posting much - dun feel like posting anything too emotional... keep up your good work


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