I was really bitter when I exited from Entrecard some weeks ago. I guess anybody whose computer that will get benched for quite a while for virus checking, reinstallations and all of those software things will be feeling bad.

I keep bugging my husband about it, maybe he got annoyed by my everyday nags and finally he gave in. I got a new laptop!!!! And guess what? This is all because of Entrecard. I have a dropping/downloading laptop, which is my old laptop, which I don’t care anymore if it will contract a thousand horses.

This is my old Compaq, contract horses, virus, germs whatever you call them, I don't care anymore.

And I have my new baby, It's a Toshiba, still under warranty if it will work well or not. So happy me! I made it sure some walls for horses are installed.

That may sound an expensive solution, but then so be it. My friends around I’m back to Entrecard you can drop now and I will drop back at you.

Thanks for reading see you again for another drop in this side of town.


  1. welcome back vernz. ah so thats the reason diay why you quit entrecard. coz of the virus. :) yeah im very really careful on entrecard kay daghan sites na with virus pakapin. :) but good to know you're back.

  2. wow bago! marami pala virus sa entrecard? naku pO!

  3. Jenn, Salamat ... mao jud kay perting ka virus jud ... LOL..

    ChubsKulit, Entrecard did not approve my new application yet kaya ganun ....

    Dinah, I was actually planning to buy one, pero napaaga bacause of the incident ...

    Carmen A. thanks dear for dropping by ...

    January, sis oo dami ko na kaya friends ko na navirus... malas ko lang siguro natimingan ko ...

  4. ingat next time sa entrecard thingy na yan sis.. congrats sa new lappy mo..^^

  5. Wow!Kaswerte sa akong miga ba kay naay "For Entrecard" na laptop jud.Palangga jud ka sa imong bana no...:) kay palitan man dayun og bag-o.Happy New Lappy!

  6. hi Vernz, why don't you try using deepfreeze, this is what I'm using. even if thousand viruses entered my programs, when i restart or turn off my pc, the viruses will not be saved. the programs will the same as before the virus entered, clean provided that the deepfreeze is activated. google it to see how.

  7. At least you've returned. Btw, am Ding from Palawan and am really like reading every post you've here. Muzta na lang sa imong tanan jan sa Davao! :)

  8. Welcome back ate verzn! Buti ka pa my new laptop.hehe. Gusto ko din.

  9. i like visiting ur blog i wish to get a new laptop too.congrats!

  10. congrats sa new toy mo.. :-)
    tawag ko sa "toy" ko lappie hehe..

    Sarap mag blog nyan..bago eh heheh..


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