We did our part to take action on climate change at 8:30 PM on March 27, this side of town went black, turn-off unnecessary lights and other electrical appliances and the best part, take part on this yellow fresh watermelon…. It’s sweeter and more ‘honey’ flavored than the famous red watermelon. This is the best shot I can get.

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday Everyone!


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  1. Sarap-sarap nyan, I dont taste the yellow watermelon yet. If I see one in supermarket, I'm going to buy it for sure.

  2. Sarap! I love watermelons, especially with this heat.

  3. Go, Davao and everyone! Let's all help save the Earth. It's really hot here these days, hotter than the past summers. whoo! And I love to eat watermelons, yellow or red, they taste just the same to me and replace much water loss during this hot season.
    Musta ka na, Vernz?Galing naman ng stage mom naging bz sa ballerinang anak. Oi bka gusto mo ring sumali sa Marriage Monday sa isang blog mo yong Elan Vital kc pang-women tlga. Interesting ang topics lalo na yong next. hehehe! Once a month lng naman. This months open topic. Cge na maki-join sa saya, sistuh...

  4. Looks delicious!

  5. @ Siromade, sistah! pag-uwi mu marami dito ... actually pareho lang sila ng lasa ... hehehe!

    @ Carmen, salamat sa pasyal.... true ka diyan ...

    @ burnO78, Thanks for dropping by, appreciate it very much, it sure is yummy..

    @ NiceA, naloka ako sandali alam mu na malilit pa yung mga anak ko, gusto ko na silang lumaki agad para di na mastadong alagain ....

    wait .... marriage monday, naku! ang pag-sulat... takes time ..... I'll take note... Thanks Eunice ... muah!

  6. Yummy! The yellow ones are sweeter than the red ones. Happy MYM.

    Mine is here.

  7. Looks yummy!Happy MYM! Congrats sa PR nimo.

  8. i am also a fan of yellow watermelons, but they can be very expensive compare to the red ones :(

  9. Very good refreshments break! Uh-mm..Yummy...

  10. awww i havent seen a yellow watermelon really! how does it taste like? same with the red?

    u may view mine here

  11. Hi, Checking links from BC Bloggers. If all things are ironed out you will hear from me tomorrow. Thanks for putting the badge. :)

    Kakagutom naman yan!hihi

    Mommy Diary
    Paula's Place
    WAHM sa Pinas

  12. hindi pa rin ako nakatikim ng yellow na watermelon. but they look delicious ha!

  13. wow yellow watermelon. never saw a yellow one...only in davao!

  14. tagal ko na di nakakakita ng yellow watermelon, puro red, bata pa ata ako (kelan ba yun?) the last I ate one. :)

  15. Hi Vernz, salamat din sa dalaw. God Bless you.

  16. Vernz, wala pa ko katilaw ug yellow watermellon. Ingon sad akong sis nga lamian daw.. great pic


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