We were suppose to build our dream house last year, but as always financial consideration was a big factor and bottom line, we opted to have an area at my mother-in-laws house renovated, we find it practical to take this option since my husband is an unico hijo and nobody has stayed in the house since my father-in-law died.

Although it’s a bit of a disappointment for me, having none of my dream modern house plans realized, I got better at appeasing myself by thinking about the sensible side. This may sound so preachy, but it always pays to have good home plans, it does not only give you the satisfaction of seeing your future home laid out on a paper, it gives you perspective on how the construction is got to go along, and on top of everything, it’s cost effective.

If you are still at the initial phase of planning your home plans, I suggest you check out of HDA, Inc., Believe me, they have a wide variety of home plans resources, pre-prepared and custom, ranging from luxury, ranch, eco-friendly, to log home plans and many more. For those who want an actual view of the plans, you can browse their video and photo gallery for more satisfying virtual sightseeing. Check it out!

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  1. hi verns,

    thanks for this post it's informative. I feel the same way too quite frustrated I can't afford my own house yet and have been dreaming of building my dream house ever since I was a kid ***sigh*** here is keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. tnx sa add..hmph :) by the way...even if your current house is not your dream house, you can still do changes, renovate! malay mo it will not just turn out to be the best but perfect ..seeyah..:)

  3. miss... join my first anniversary contest please.. at my amazing Grace Blog..

  4. Agree ako jan, Vernz, kasi nga my hubby is a contractor. The architects and engineers are required to submit plans for everything--foundation, electrical, plumbing and sewage, etc. including a perspective -- a drawing of the actual look and color of the house-to-be.

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