For quite a while we have been thinking of changing some of our living room furniture, in particular our living room sofa, we had it refurbished some years ago, but I regretted in having it done in corduroy, it looked fancy at first because of its rich color but eventually it accumulate dust and it made me labor more to vacuum the dust from time to time otherwise it will accrue dust mites.

I wish we can have extra funds to buy a new one, I wish we we’re near Furniture Depot, as delivery is free. I really love their leather sectional sofa, it does not only make anyone’s living room turn into a modern hub, it is also easy to clean, not to mention countless choices of modern furniture in variety of designs fit for anyone’s lifestyle and budget.

I’m making my fingers cross hoping to have more blessings ahead to have this sofa of ours get a replacement.


  1. if you hsve extra space ay maganda itong sofa na ito. abangan ko soon sa bahay mo ang display na yan! :)

  2. Hi Life, wow you're back! are you in Saudi na? thanks for dropping by!

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    view to learn more. thanks.

  4. @ Melandria, hi sis, I'll head to your site see if I qualify ahihihi.... thanks for dropping by...

  5. Me too, Vernz, I want to change our sala set already, since I think it's 2000 yrs. old.


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