I’m processing Human Behavior in Organization with 38 proactive students this term and last night we had a heated class discussion about biological heritage as a determinant of someone’s personality. As always expect for the unexpected with these kinds of students.

Someone raised her hand and said, Oh! That’s the problem with God, if all of us we’re created equal then why did He made Keanna Reeves plump chested and me flat chested? It took me some ten minutes to just listen to them arguing at each other and finally calm them down.

And then I said, OK, all of your reasons are valid no right or wrong answer here, this is not a Mathematics class where 1 is always 1. And I jokingly address the whole class, that’s just a very minor problem, in today’s technology someone can now literally play God, you can have breast implants kona if you really wanted to have that look and alter your given biological make-up.

She was quick to answer and said, you boys! Watch out for Pamela Anderson me five years from now. Although I stood up for two straight hours, it was a very fulfilling session. Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. Kailangan ko to lol flat chested kasi ako hahaha.. Just kidding.

  2. breast implant.. wonder how it feels like.

  3. I would like to have implants haha..but it is against the "rules" in my age group.. sort of.. anyway, hi there! I'm from Las Pinas City in Metro Manila!

    i'm your newest follower in google friend connect!


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