For most part of human existence culture is considered superior to nature, but what if nature slowly over powers culture. What if nature slowly eats up what human culture has through?

Yes, I’m talking about this most destructive small insect pest of all time, subterranean termites, they can cause thousands of damage in your home, if not treated and exterminated properly.

In its natural setting, subterranean termites are valuable. They break down slowly dead trees and other wood materials. The consequence of this breakdown process is returned back to the soil as humus. But, if nature sees these insects beneficial, human culture, see it the other way around.

Problems take place when these termites attack the wooden elements of human structures, especially our houses. Their being there is not readily noticed because they hide their spontaneous activity behind wallboards, and you just got to notice it the moment you accidentally struck on the empty wooden post.

Saving the fruit of our labor, human instinct pushes us to find a way to minimize the damage caused by these termites on our properties. So, if you’re into this dilemma, it is always helpful to know the life cycle, the description, and infestation signs and extent of damage as well as the precautionary and control measures on how to exterminate these insects humans consider pests, and if still in doubt, you can always visit various online resources that can help you with these problems.

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  1. great should help out my dad as his windows damage so serious by termites


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