I’ve always been fascinated with how a hunter looks their whole get-up really exudes an aura of freedom and power over the things they are into. This brought me to remember the movie, The Deer Hunter.

I thought I would just be dreaming of this look, not until a friend came home for a vacation from the US and brought with her several pairs of hunter boots, but it was a disappointment since it was too big for my feet, so I handed it over to aunt who is working hard tending her farm, she thank Nellie beyond words as she has long been wanting to have one also.

Even so, I found this store online where you can buy hunter wellies at a variety of choices and at price very affordable. I’m seriously considering of buying one to complete that hunter fashion statement of mine. Curious? You can head on to their site too just mouse on any link on this post.

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  1. I want boots, I thin its not too old to wear one.


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