We’re far from where the action is, thank God for high-technology that made us feel were part of today’s historic event. I was glued to my television this morning watching live the inauguration of the 15 th President of the Republic of the Philippines, we’ll, who doesn’t know it has been declared a national holiday.

I think the Aquino family’s mission really is meant to salvage the democratic being of this country every time it is on the brink of peril. Think about the heroic deed their patriarch was into that cost him his life, telling us all that we ‘are worth dying for’ that eventually pulled this country from the hands of the former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

Those series of historic events in the late 80’s that put the Philippines in the limelight made his mother assume presidency, that made her known to be the icon of democracy, nurtured that democracy, that I think every person of today’s generation must have already that lucid recall of what happened during those fateful days until the day she died in her hospital bed.

Time and again, after 9 years of Gloria Arroyo’s stay in power, although she also has made several accomplishments as a president, she above all made the people of this country doubtful whether we will still have that good life she has promised in her inaugural speech back in Cebu and true enough, we were given the benefits of our doubts, tagged even as the most unpopular president of all time.

So then people yearn again for that elusive change …. I hate this word especially when it is linked to politics. Again, from the Aquino clan, if I may call him the reluctant president, heeding to the people’s clamor for that damn change he opted to run and God bless Mar Roxas for his willing heart to give way for that change.

So now from this day forward, NOYNOY AQUINO we are counting on you, especially your promise to the people of Mindanao.

The future looks bright and it would even be brighter and merrier if Kris Aquino will run for president six years from now…. Tsk! Tsk! Who knows …? What she jokingly said on her farewell speech on The Buzz will be another page in our history books.

Just some packets of thought on this side of town. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Great post indeed Ate.. Saludo ako sayo .. Hehehe! I have posted also in one of my blog:)

  2. ayay! mabuhay ang pilipinas....:) very well said te....:) I watched it on TFC.


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