OK, Ok, I’m back to my senses now after some moments of angst over a P15 fare. My slump moments made me want to sleep early tonight, but I remember I bought a Sarah Ivens book ‘No Regrets’ last weekend, and I thought it would be a good sleeping dose but when I switched on our bedroom nightstand the lights are not working, I think it also felt sorry for me. I should replace it with new one, might as well look for dainty styles online, how I wish the shipping is free.

But what can be more comforting than putting the book under your pillow and snore those woes away. But our Karaoke neighbors here keep shouting to their hearts delight, I can’t sleep, might as well do some searching, adgitizing and dropping.

So there, some packets of life’s moments on this side of town.

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  1. ok lang na girl, naa pa lagi mosunod na discount. Pastilan pud nang silingana unsa na ba orasa ron? hehehe


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