I was in a hurry to get back home yesterday when I received a text message from Cebu Pacific Air informing me of their P15 all domestic flight fare promo in honor of the proclamation of the 15 th president. Booking will be from June 28-30 and the travel period will be from Oct to Nov. Gosh, this is what we are waiting for, its so timely since the travel time is already a school semestral break, I’m bringing the whole troop to Manila as my children has been bugging me to see Manila’s Ocean Park.

To my dismay, all seats taken, all SOLD OUT, gosh imagine I have to pay 30K for the fare alone for the five of us plus our hotel accommodation in Manila, not to mention shopping and everything in between. I’m no rich momma, eh!

I’m really sad! HUHUHU! Hope there will be another promo in honor of his first day in Malacanang. LOL! Your comment will make me happy! Thanks for dropping by.


  1. 15 pesos lang? wow! ayay, sayang na sayang...ehhehe...hope naa pa next promo...ehehehe! dapat naa ka contact from the agency te para reserbahan dayon ka.

  2. aaawww, sayang naman..anyways, me next time pa yan..sana maka avail ka kagad slot..pag promo talaga mabilis ma sold out..

  3. tried that too sis.. i got the email from cebupac today.. hayy naku.. mabilis talaga ang iba dyan.. dapat mauna ka sa pagbook..

  4. sayang naman, kung napaaga ka lang...tsk tsk... anyway sana sa 100 days ni P.Noy meron ulet promo...^_~

  5. Wow Vernz, I didn't know about that! I could have bought tickets for us where ever in the Philippines too. Shosh! Sayang!

  6. Wow, sayang nga parang sumakay ka lang jeep noon,...baka next time Ateh ...next president kaso taas na ng piso P16.00 na kc 16th president....hehe joke2

  7. so sad sis, better luck next time? usually here if free seats also fast taken.


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