It’s been days I have not updated this blog, I gone crazy with my niece’s dengue scare, thank God the test results were negative according to the doctors. And we’re back to normal now, thanks also to Manang, our most requested ‘manghihilot’, that according to her findings the baby had just ‘panuhot’ and should refrain from going out at night, what can a baby do when the parents are ‘gimikero’ and ‘gimikera’, … lesson learned, having a baby is equal to sacrifice.

With this dengue scare looming around the corner it is important to know what to do in case you have or your baby have high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains and rashes, having all these symptoms consult immediately your doctor.

In cases like this I’d rather be dubbed paranoid than feeling sorry in the end.

1. Vector control measures can also include broad application of insecticides.
2. Empty containers with stagnant water: flower pots, garbage cans, aquariums, unused swimming pools, tired and other mud and piles are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
3. Cover water drums and water pails at all times to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
4. Clean all water containers once a week. Scrub the side well to remove eggs of mosquitoes sticking to the sides.
5. Clean gutters of leaves and debris so that rain water will not collect as breeding places of mosquitoes.
6. Old tires used a roof support should be punctured or cut to avoid accumulation of water.
7. Collect and dispose all unusable tin cans, jars, bottles and other items that can collect and hold water.
8. Replace water in flower vases once a week.
9. Clean up your backyard. Mosquitoes love to stay in dark and damp areas.
10. Spray insecticide regularly to get rid of mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and other insects. Make sure to spray dark corners, crevices and cabinets.
11. Wear pants, pajamas, long sleeves, and socks. Mosquitoes are attracted to our breath as we exhale so they know how to reach us even in the dark.
12. Use mosquito repellant lotions, but don’t use too thick or too much also, as the chemicals are too strong and might damage your child’s skin.

Thanks every one for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. I'm glad for your family that your niece is OK. Bless you my friend. Jo

  2. sus girl mao baya ni ang akong ginahadlukan karon oi, ambot oi nag freak out jud ko ani bah, naa man gud history si MJ sa dengue sus lisod jud kau girl, wala na ra ba ni silay pili daghan sad mga adult karon ang victim haist na lang

  3. Grabe laganap din dengue dito sa las pinas, pano naman kasi, puro baha! the way, pwede kayo magjoin sa BLACKBERRY PHONE GIVEAWAY, here's the contest link:


  4. uso diay ang dengue karon dinha? kahadlok oi, ting ulan man gud pud ba.!
    God Bless :)


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