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Way back when I was still active with my productive work, I used to tease this officemate of mine for always upbeat, change the color of her nails and hair as often as she change her clothes often glitzy and flamboyant, in fact she’s a frequent of the HR department because of the way she present her look. The term fashionista during that time has not gained popularity yet, that’s why she was often branded a geek rather in style.

I admit I’m also one of those who would bluntly tell her face to change her style fit for working environment. There’s nothing wrong actually with her, she just knew how to dress, she knew that there is power in her fashion statements, she knew by putting on these body add-ons she’s sending message. To her everything about her body is permanent, changing and wearing with the trend is the only thing she can change about her body and her frame of mind.

Today, it’s just amazing, the fashion industry has indeed stepped-up to something that shaped the way we looked at dressing, to something that shaped the economy of virtually any society around the world, fashion industry is a package industry, a dress is never complete without purses, shoes, make-up, beauty implements and etc.

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  1. pretty well said teVernz....:) agoy tawon, pinas ka pa...pero as time goes by...karon ang mga pinoy d na pauwahi sa style....:)

  2. hirap nman, dko nagetz comment ni dhemz, haha.

    pano kaya magkaroon ng fashion statement ang isang probinsyanang tulad ko:)))

    enjoy the weekend:)

  3. hehe kung ka afford lang jud, sus ang pinoy kay fashionista jud oi..labaw ng mga bisdak nyahaha.

    nice kaayo imo model kay pang fall ang outfit..sundugon nako na hehehe.


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